Monday, February 18, 2013

Creative Space with Creative Items

This weekend I was in hunt for creative spaces and certain details which make you feel better and bring more inspiration in a working space.

There was a demand coming up from my deep soul to discover the way how artists, creators, amateurs, craftsmen or entrepreneurs express themselves in their creative elbow-rooms! I was in need to get new fresh breath.

And here we go...


small items, creative details, fresh look from one of my favorite blogs Roost

floral tiny creative corner

I just love the quick note boards. 
They are so helpful and every time I find them very handy. Don't you either?

West Egg

Lovely space and very very spacious! I'm nearly sure most would love to spend the time in this space! I even think that this place brings you into other level...


So how creative are you? Maybe like this?


...or this..? Does your place looks like little princess?

...or maybe very organised and neat?

I bet mostly young (in age) enterpreneurs do their business like this: in one hand baby and another is focused on things on computer. No?

 ...or maybe you are as creative as this environment or better call it space? 

it doesn't concern you at all where to create because the main thing which bothers you is WHAT you create?

via Pinterest 

So how creative are you? 
How does look your space where you spend the most of the time when create?
How do you stay creatively fresh?
 Would you rather change your workspace into something similar to these listed above?

Share with us.

Let's get Inspired and keep yourself Creative :)

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