Monday, December 17, 2012

Countdown to Christmas

Mostly all Europe is hidden under the snow. Cold weather, frost on trees, fick layers of snow, huge snowdrifts and snowstorms... that is all about real white Christmas and the atmosphere rolling around! Only a week to go until Christmas! Yeeeah! 

At this time all decorations (or mostly all) are set up. Christmas trees are about to find their actual places at home. Christmas gifts wrapped and waiting the Big Day! Menu is nearly ready in your minds or on the sheet of paper.... It is so beautiful and sentimental! 

Want to share a Christmas joy with you and a few pictures with Chritsmas decorations and recipes... Maybe you will get a wee inspiration as we had during last weekend when were baking gingermen, Christmas trees, stars....thinking about small tasty gifts... Home was smelling absolutely perfect all weekend - very Christmassy!

Photography: Ieva Zumiene
This year we have very extraordinary Christmas tree! Haven't had it ever before like now. Instead of usal green Christmas tree, having a few old tree branches covered in moss. I like this idea! First time but very exciting, feeling differently but good! :) Oh, of course this will be not the only tree.

Cannot think Christmas without gingerbreads. Can you? Gingerbreads are very seasonal and nearly in all homes you would smell them at this moment.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Evening readings

I was searching inspiring ideas for our Christmas and I have found a wonderful site. I have to admit, I haven't found it ever before and didn't know anything about the lady Martha Stewart. This site is just amazing! You can find everything there.
I loved the gift wrapping ideas! Loads of wonderful delights and superb amount of hints, tips, ideas, recommendations and so on... for all occasions!

Inspired, happy, full of superb mood and... happy reading and/or searching guys!
In next days will post delicious French apple pie recipe which we have tried few times :) Can't stop testing and tasting, one of the best foodie treasures in these weeks I found. The picture above has been taking this weekend, letting you know how good and tasty it is, especially with ice cream! ...yummyyy...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas collection by EpicLinen

Good morning Sunday! Only two weeks today left untill winter holiday starts - Christmas!
We are very keen to share little movie created by EpicLinen. Here you will find beautiful Christmas gifts collection! High quality linen!

If you are still looking for Christmas presents and don't know what or cannot find that special gift... Visit our online boutique where you might find lovely insparing linen garments for every day or occasional use! Everything from linen tablecloths, linen napkins, linen bathroom accessories to linen for children, linen handmade rugs and so on... Variety of linen goodies!

 Enjoy the rest of the day!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Home smells great!

Saturday evening at home! 
Where is nothing better than relaxation after long week, spending evening with beloved husband and slightly chilled rose wine. Relaxing, laughing, watching movie and tasting biscotti cantuccini along with glass of wine! That is a really nice combination and delight your palate.

Photography: Mindaugas Zumas

This time I have tried to make biscotti cantuccini with almonds and a splash of dark rum. Haven't used rum before for biscotti. You know, cantuccini turned out great! The dark rum gives a special flavour. You don't need a lot, just a little splash and your patisserie will be highly evaluated. Actually I do use rum in most of my bakings (small amounts of course), we just love the taste given by rum. 
But that's not only about rum but about the most important - preparation for Christmas! Since we tasted biscotti, liked them very much (with rum) and so... decided to make a big batch! This job is waiting to be done next week. Small lovely pretty sweet presents will be created to friends and family members and the people we know... Canny wait, I just love making these tasty tinny gifts! Love to receive presents but the most what I love is the way of giving presents for whose I love! 

There are lots and lots of recipes but I follow up this one for baking biscotti cantuccini. 

Photography: Mindaugas Zumas

220 g caster sugar
2 eggs
finely grated rind of 1 lemon zest

Friday, December 7, 2012

Finally snowing

It is finally snowing! So excited and happy like a child... finally! winter Christmassy atmosphere also came to us :) It might look strange to someone that I am talking about snow as winter in certain places in Europe began few weeks ago. Yes and no! In South of France winter came out only today! Well... snow is melting straigh away but the joy is all around us :)

Got a kick to make something very sweet and delicious. Today my hands on making biscotti cantuccini. Just love them. Need to practice before Christmas or maybe just to remember the technique. Been doing these delights quite often, mostly every year, for winter holiday seasons but don't want to spoil others so better start now and have perfect biscotti on Christmas party.

Biscotti cantuccini with almonds - favorite ones. Soon will upload the recipe. After this, ginger mans are waiting in the row... and few more tasty goodies... Follow up and soon you will find out more good recipes for your Christmas dinner party.
Home made biscuits one of the best warm presents to friends, neighbours, colleagues, grannies...

See you in a bit!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Smell of Christmas is in the air or other way - small reminder

That is amazing - winter is here! This is a time of the year when little ones and big ones are looking forward for the most fabulous holidays: Christmas and New Year! Everyone is happy, everyone is smiling. It seems that all atosphere is filled with joy, smell of mandarines or clemetines, delicious taste of hot red wine mixed with cinnamon flavour, home baked cakes, ginger mans etc.

The Advent just has begun. Christmas is not only about the stuff but also more important - about your soul and understanding about the birth of Jesus.
Just wanted to remind if someone is still struggling with preparation for Christmas. So have you already managed to prepare and send Christmas greeting cards for those, you love the most, friends, colleges and so on...? If not yet, it is time, otherwise you might be dissapointed of not sending on time. In the chance to prevent this, yesterday we bought beautiful Christmas cards and will do just right away. Hopefully all greeting cards will be delivered on time. You know post offices are overcrowed yet... 

In addition to this, Christmas tree is one of the main symbol of Christmas holiday at home. Is this right? Do you put up Christmas tree every year? Well, we do it every year. Should admit, not yet but very soon will do it because Christmas is in the air!! Don't you feel it?

What about Christmas gifts? Is this job done properly? Only half of it... or... maybe nothing at all? Guys, do not slumber away, get ready for Christmas stocking! The sooner you start searching for Christmas gifts, the sooner you feel relieved. We advice to visit our online boutique, where you can find lovely Christmas presents just in one place. Modestly dare to suggested it as you would save your busy time just by picking up gifts from one boutique

Already feeling Christmas! Canny wait for more snow and joy and all the best what is spinning in the air while everyone is getting ready for the Holiday Festival! Ech... it is time to prepare polishing tables, brushing dusts etc. from the top of the house to the bottom... Let Christmas shine! 
Good night! Wish you a good start in the new week.

Tips how to remove stains from linen fabrics

Dear all readers and visitors, I think everyone has faced with stain removal problem from linen fabrics at least once. Stain doesn't look nice and it can spoil the day or worse - special occasion you have been preparing for weeks. 
To avoid unpleasant finding EpicLinen suggests you: better to clean the problematic place as soon as you notice it or just after the party. Immediate stain removal ensures efficiency.
Much more good tips for stain removal and how to take care of linen you can find in our website.Take a look - it is worth reading and storing this infomartion. Actually the best way is - to have it printed out and hung in front of you in laudry. Once you have a problem (awful stain in this case), you don't need to go to look for information on internet again. Personally for me it is very handy and I always know where do I store it.

  • Many stains can be removed by soaking in a non-biological solution overnight.
  • Gin or vodka – these colourless spirits dissolve stains immediately. 
  • Some hair and skin products, such as acne lotions or toothpastes that contain oxidizing agents, may discolor colored sheets and towels. When using such products, it is the safest to sleep on white linens.
  • Coffee, tea and soda stains. Rub stain with a liquid detergent and launder in the hottest water safe for the fabric or soak in a solution of water and non-chlorine powdered bleach.
  • Red wine stain. Cover with salt if stain is fresh, then rinse with cool water. If stain has dried, try club soda.
  • Ink stain. Lay the fabric against a towel, stain side down, then spray the fabric closely from behind with aerosol hair spray. The ink should transfer to the towel. Or use ink eradicator on undyed, untreated linen.
For more information about linen care and how to remove specific stains, like: alcoholic drinks, blood, candle wax, deodorants anti-perspirants, grease spots, oil, grass, rust and much more good tips you may find by following More on Linen.