Sunday, April 21, 2013

Window Shopping for Mother's Day

Hello to all! 
It's been a while since I posted...
But now back to circle with lots of ideas and inspirations.

Very soon we all will have a celebration honoring mothers. 
Mostly in all countries it's on the first weekend of May, actually the first May Sunday! I say mostly countries.. in England it has been in March... 
Anyway, I think it is very nice occasion to show love to your mother, bombard attention, spend a day with her! Simply to have a special moments together :) 

Photography: +Ieva Zumienė 

Of course it is not necessary to get loads of presents but it is still nice to give something special, cozy, lovely, cute, sweet... The bouquet of flowers is the nicest gesture along with anything else to make this day (Mother's Day) more special.

I took some time and picked up few gift ideas for this day from Etsy. Take a look in it. Beautiful things. You might like them or simply get an idea and create your own! Why not? Two weeks still left in advance and it's still enough of time do make something extraordinary!

1. Marzipan Body Butter from PurplecatCreatives
2. Rose Bouquet Lamp Shade from AussieSense
3. Lavender Lip Balm from TheGreenAlchemist
4. Decor Kitchen Chalkboard from ShugabeeLane
5. 3 Piece Honey Set from TreefortNaturals
6. Photo Album from PhotoGarnish
7. Crochet Scarf from My2ShayFromOurCorner
8. Pocket Watch Locket Style Necklace from TwilightsCastle
9. Handwritten Plate from phpottery
10. Felted Slippers from AgnesFelt
11. Vinyl Decal Sticker for DIY Projects from HouseHoldWords
12. Edible Pansies for Food Decoration from SugarRobot
13. Knitted Scarf from denizgunes
14. Bangle from delezhen
15. Personalized Handcrafted Chocolate Bars from Fancychocolates

Have a nice time browsing through those pretty spring finds!

Wishing you triple 'S': Sweet Sunny Sunday,

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