Friday, December 7, 2012

Finally snowing

It is finally snowing! So excited and happy like a child... finally! winter Christmassy atmosphere also came to us :) It might look strange to someone that I am talking about snow as winter in certain places in Europe began few weeks ago. Yes and no! In South of France winter came out only today! Well... snow is melting straigh away but the joy is all around us :)

Got a kick to make something very sweet and delicious. Today my hands on making biscotti cantuccini. Just love them. Need to practice before Christmas or maybe just to remember the technique. Been doing these delights quite often, mostly every year, for winter holiday seasons but don't want to spoil others so better start now and have perfect biscotti on Christmas party.

Biscotti cantuccini with almonds - favorite ones. Soon will upload the recipe. After this, ginger mans are waiting in the row... and few more tasty goodies... Follow up and soon you will find out more good recipes for your Christmas dinner party.
Home made biscuits one of the best warm presents to friends, neighbours, colleagues, grannies...

See you in a bit!

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