Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mission: Tea Towels

- Do we really know what are they?
- I'm sure we do!
- But do we know the history and where do they come from?
- Maybe...!

Let's fathom out a little bit about them.

Originally the term 'tea towel' came from England, when a lady of the house used to dry her china tea service also as other valuable serving pieces. It dates back to 18th century.

Tea towel is a piece of fabric, a cloth which is specifically used to dry dishes and cutlery. Tea towels have been greatly functional for ages. 
So far they used to have and still have a decorative function. The clean fresh tea towel could be layed on the table, tea/coffee tray or so ever. As long as it came from England and Ireland as well, people used to cover tea pots and scones to keep them warm. Especially in 19th century English ladies embroidered their tea towels for decorative use during well-known tea times.

via Pinterest

The most traditional fiber for tea towels is Linen! Because of its highly absorbance and lint-free features. Looped terry fabric is not as common as simple weave for tea towels, often sized as a hand towel.
Decorative printed tea towels used to hung on the wall with famous people, nature, country scenes or even images of monarchs printed on them.

Cotton tea towels are not uncommon as well as cotton and linen blend but only pure linen tea towels are widely used because of lint-free property and nowadays it is affordable for everyday use. 

Tea towel is always kept spotlessly clean! You wouldn't want to use stinky, sticky or grimy tea towel for freshly washed dishes. It is necessary to remember to dry out perfectly to avoid damp. Of course good sanitation requires periodically washed tea towels to cut down on bacterias.

In addition to all this, it is not hard job to make your own tea towel, it is relatively easy doable. On www you can find hundreds and hundreds of tutorials how to stitch, how to stamp, print, applique, embroider... 
Check this wonderful printed tea towel tutorial which whispers authenticity, found it on 'Spoonflower' blog. 

Whether you buy or make them, to have a fresh pile of tea towels in the kitchen is a must for every housewife! It is useful kitchen article since it can be used to cover hot food, dry dishes and accomplish other tasks in the kitchen.

High quality linen tea towels are now quite popular as gifts, especially for those who is looking for eco-friendly goods, quite often used as placemats and/or napkins, table runners, as a piece of art in humid bathroom...

Ingenious people sometimes use tea towels for gift wrapping! I think it makes very personalized and luxurious gift. And what that shows? It shows: 'Be creative, spontaneous and resourceful'!

 All the rest of the photos had been taken by +Mindaugas Zumas+Ieva Zumienė 


Monday, February 25, 2013

Punch of Winter

What a punch of winter we have had last weekend! 
No one could have ever dreamed about it...

Snow storms held over entire country but the most severe conditions were we live - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur.

Greatly unusual!

It didn't seem so bad to us because where we came from winters are very deep and cold, so we are used to them and conditions didn't scare us at all. Contrary I was fun to feel winter again and especially here. People who have been living here for ages seemed lost in astonishment. 

Photography: +Mindaugas Zumas 

I'm in love with this frosty icily look!

Photography: +Mindaugas Zumas 

~ Poor birdies but at least they know where to find shelter with goodies ~

Photography: +Mindaugas Zumas+Ieva Zumienė 

Photography: +Ieva Zumienė 

Photography: +Mindaugas Zumas 
Could you believe this happened only within one day!
...more than 20 cm depth... wow..!

Photography: +Mindaugas Zumas 

Photography: +Ieva Zumienė  

more icicles! aren't they gorgeous?
look at the shape and clarity!
Photography: +Ieva Zumienė 

Photography: +Mindaugas Zumas 

~ Happens and like this ~

Photography: +Mindaugas Zumas 

Palms trees are not very happy but what can we do now...
It will take a quite few days to come back to normal scenary.
Photography: +Ieva Zumienė

Photography: +Ieva Zumienė 

So much longing for spring! 

 Fingers crossed it is coming!

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 Best of all,
EpicLinen Team


Friday, February 22, 2013

GiveAway Winner & another treasure

Good Day Everyone!

I have a very good news and would like to share with everyone. As far as you know (well, most of you) last week we have been hosting GiveAway at wonderful
blog Common Ground

I'm very happy to announce that our first GiveAway's Winner is
Tina Voyles

Please congratulate Tina on winning the competition!

Also I would like to thank Debra from Common Ground for all her endeavour
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Tomorrow we with Mindaugas were planning to go to antiquite brocante but unfortunately it is raining and won't stop untill tomorrow. Quite sad because I was very keen to find new oldies but goodies! Anyway, have to leave this for next time as will be cold and muddy there so better stay in front of the fire place with good company!

 Our last finding - pure treasure!
I know, it's another camera but Mindaugas has a great weakness for
'old school' cameras and photographies. 
Well to be honest, it's not only him who is mad about it :)

Photography: +Mindaugas Zumas 

...will catch up later...
take care and stay warm this cold last winter's weekend

Wish you a magical weekend!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Creative Space with Creative Items

This weekend I was in hunt for creative spaces and certain details which make you feel better and bring more inspiration in a working space.

There was a demand coming up from my deep soul to discover the way how artists, creators, amateurs, craftsmen or entrepreneurs express themselves in their creative elbow-rooms! I was in need to get new fresh breath.

And here we go...


small items, creative details, fresh look from one of my favorite blogs Roost

floral tiny creative corner

I just love the quick note boards. 
They are so helpful and every time I find them very handy. Don't you either?

West Egg

Lovely space and very very spacious! I'm nearly sure most would love to spend the time in this space! I even think that this place brings you into other level...


So how creative are you? Maybe like this?


...or this..? Does your place looks like little princess?

...or maybe very organised and neat?

I bet mostly young (in age) enterpreneurs do their business like this: in one hand baby and another is focused on things on computer. No?

 ...or maybe you are as creative as this environment or better call it space? 

it doesn't concern you at all where to create because the main thing which bothers you is WHAT you create?

via Pinterest 

So how creative are you? 
How does look your space where you spend the most of the time when create?
How do you stay creatively fresh?
 Would you rather change your workspace into something similar to these listed above?

Share with us.

Let's get Inspired and keep yourself Creative :)