Saturday, May 25, 2013

Types of Linen Fabric

Flax has been known since the ancient ages. 
It is an oldest natural textile fiber.

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Linen fabrics are widely used in households for its strength and practicality. In comparison to synthetic fiber, flax could be proud of its natural richness and undeniable attractiveness, no matter whether it is upholstery, decorative linen cushion or drapery. 
Flax surface is slippery and smooth, performs the function of air conditioning, resist well to stain and dust.

Damask Linen
This is a linen type fabric which is woven on a jacquard loom. Satin and plain weaves are used in this combination. Damask is smooth textured fabric desing with a double-sided features.Very often comes in one color but not necessarily. Damask fabric or jacquard patterns mostly used to design and sew tablecloths, napkins, table runners, placemats and other household goods.

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Plain-woven Linen
Plain-woven fabric is smooth linen. Commonly is divided in such categories: glass toweling linen, Holland linen, Cambric linen and butcher's linen.

Glass toweling linen - got its name from its mainly use. Guess what is it? :) Of course it is a wipe of glasswear. This type of fabric has a loose weave that makes it more absorbent and well-suited for cleaning purposes. Normally it has striped or checked patterns of red or blue on white or natural (gray) background. Just liek these:

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Holland linen - is treated with oil and starch. The main reason is to make it opaque, not letting the sunlight to force through. The best way to use it - to make lampshades and window shades.


Cambric linen - is the thinnest and finest diversity of linen fabrics. Plain linen fabric got its name from place - Cambria in France. Here it was firstly produced ever. Usage is very popular among those who makes handkerchiefs, lingerie, doilies and sheers.


Butcher's linen - it is also plain weave but stiff, rough and strong fabric. It is woven by using thin and thick yarns. 

Generally it is used for heavy-duty clothing such as butcher aprons.

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Loosely-woven Linen
Sometimes it is called as bird's eye linen because of small geometric patterns reminiscent of a bird's eye. It is loosely woven to make it highly absorbent. This type of linen fabric mainly used for diapers and sanitary towels. 

Huckaback - is one more loosely woven linen fabric type. Produced from melange of linen and cotton. It is woven in towel lengths.

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Another type of loosely woven linen is art linen which is produced from hand-twisted yarns and has a smooth finish.

Sheeting Linen
Heavy type of linen, also has a characteristic of being wide. Use in produce of sheets, suits and dresses. Wider width is another advantage against other linen types listed above. This makes easier to cut patterns for garments of different lengths and sizes.

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Toweling Linen 
This name is dedicated to all kind of linen which is suitable in making towels. As far as we all know - towels are used for various of purposes on a daily basis. Toweling linen comes in different sizes. 

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Linen fabric is light, nice, long lasting, steady natural material which is easy to wash, dries out very quickly and the process of ironing is not as difficult as it might exist. 

In spite of this linen fabric crumples also fast, consequently appeared wrinkles are very common, which show its authenticity and originality as the result of high quality icon.


Linen is considered a luxurious material but affordable to everyone!

Photography by +Mindaugas Zumas and +Ieva Zumienė 


Monday, May 20, 2013

Promoting Table Linens

Good evening everyone!

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

On the Road

Spring & Summer 
The best time for trips, journeys, vacations!
Me inspired by finally good weather!
So why not to Go On the Road? :)

Vintage street sign from wallstantiques

Road trip photography from TerraVision

Unisex map scarf from SongbirdFashion
Vintage map watch from SandMwatch
Duffle bag from Filzkraft

Men's travel kit from LongTallSallys

Olympus Trip35 classic camera from BazaarOfMemories
Vintage Binoculars from Psychedelphia
1950s fancy glasses from BanginBangles

Travel mug from Bovepottery
Nautical map pillow from BelleAdora

Bicycle key ring from BicycleGifts
The Beatles button from OfRoyaltyShop
Road trip journal from CherieBee
Damascus handmade pocket knife from oiseaumetalarts
Brass compass sundial necklace from theangelatmytable

Vintage finds, cute handy goods for weekend trips and/or long whether short vacation journeys!

are moving On the Road to Bella Italia
(to be continued...) :)


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Le Pain? Mais oui!

Bonjour à tous!
Comment allez-vous?
I hope everything is good at your end!

It's been pouring of rain for few days... grrr... and the worst is that it kept going non-stop!
It's clearly colder and damper this year accordingly to last year.

But anyway, the most important part is good mood, good company and that the smells twirling around at home :)

Today I have baked a bread - Farmhouse Soda bread.

What could be better than home baked bread by yourself? It's a treat for your and all your family's palate! Might be a good idea to bake for your dinner party?! What would you say? Of course in this case you would need much more than one loaf of bread :)

Photography: +Ieva Zumienė 

Ingredients you should have on the table for this delicious and very quickly made bread:

450 g of flour (better specially for bread but not necessarily)
1 teaspoon of bicarbonated soda
1 teaspoon of salt
around 350-370 ml of buttermilk (if don't have it, use ordinary milk, that's not a problem at all)
I also include a bit of seeds. Depends what I have in my pantry. Sometimes I add pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, linseeds or poppyseeds or whatever you have. Or a mix of all those above :) 
It's tastier with extras :)

Mix everything together starting with dry elements and at the end including buttermilk or milk. 
I find easier to mix dough not by hand but with table knife. Don't need to knead! Make a shape whatever you wish. The most I like - round, nearly cut to the bottom in quaters as you may see in the picture.

Photography: +Ieva Zumienė
Preheat oven 220 C/ 425 F/ gas mark 7.
Bake for around 35 minutes.

Useful hint:   
Dust with flour the top of bread (as well as the baking tray)! :)

More inspiring bread pictures and recipes.

Bon Appétit! 
Magical weekend for you all!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Style ► Sunny Yellow

I'm inspired by beautiful sunny day...
 ...just like today!

~ bright lively sunshine ~
~ tranquil morning ~
~ bird tweets ~
~ homey warmth ~ 
~ sunny yellow finds! 

Enjoy ~ s u m m e r is just arround the corner!

Take your time to browse through those

1. (!)* Stained glass star with sun medallion center from KurtKnudsen
2. Silk chiffon scarf from SILHUETTE
3. Fall impressions pendant from FaerieGardenFancies
4. Bangle bracelet Claudia from FrostedWillow
5. Viscose silk yarn from HandyFamily
6. Men's knitted bow tie from LivelyLoops
7. Bright yellow and white rose earrings from Artsy61175
8. Vintage 1950s glass buttons from NORDICARTSUPPLIES
9. Interchangeable silk flower from HighDesertBoutique
10. Contemporary wall decoration from martinkART
11. Large round galvanized party tub from BroddersTubs
12. Necktie with dots from MeandMatilda
13. Long formal chiffon dress from Airuishaweddingdress
14. 70s Vintage plate set from MyVintageTable2U
15. Indoor outdoor pillow cover from PopOColor
16. Office abstract sculpture wall decor from luboart

(!)* Artists Becky&Kurt from KurtKnudsen shop generously offers 20 % off coupon code LOVE20 to purchase their lovely glass stars! Hurry up and be one of those who would have a chance to enjoy this unique organic beauty!

Yellow color is not as popular during the whole year as in summertime, I think we all would admit this. The color of yellow doesn't fit well to all people but sometimes even the tiny detail in yellow may help to brighten your outfit, style, mood...

Summer fashion trends should breath of real summer

For more spring/summer treasures stop by the style of rose petal.
Today I've got inspiration so I'm spreading this joy with you!

Have a wonderful week, friends!