Thursday, April 25, 2013

Reused Shutters or The Way How to Exploit Them?

Old shutters are quite often leftovers after reconstruction of homes. 
Sometimes you might find them thrown away (which I don't understand how is this possible) or very often in flea markets costing a few "moneys".  If you are lucky enough you may discover ones which remember the story of certain ages.

Vintage rustic shutters are made from solid wood so no way it can be treated as waste. It is a piece of home, garden, spot, nook... decoration!

Somewhere I found a very nice expression which I think is just right when it comes to shutters: "Trash to Treasures"!
Take a tour to charming appeal for home decor!

Reused shutters as headboards at guest room

 or in Master bedroom

Vintage shutters as a partition - extraordinary architectural reuse 

Pictures above via Pinterest

Anohter extraordinary architectural reuse is shutter ceiling

via Pinterest

or shutter walls


 Window shutter as the note board

The Berry

or home office organizer

 Upcycle That

Wedding place cards on the reused shutters to give vintage look for your wedding party


via Pinterest
Re-using old shutters as door to hide toiletries, isn't this
marvellous idea?

 It does make really different touch.

Better Homes and Gardens

Large wall hanging pieces to decorate kitchen, dining room
or cafe place. 

Unique place setting with shutter look at your spot.

Place Setting...large wall hanging pieces for kitchen, dining room or Cafe.  Shutter look
 from Etsy seller HomegrownLickskillet

Vintage shutters as the lampshade 

Vintage window shutters lamp  
Etsy seller JaritJohnson

 Sideboard storage cupboard with rustic look

Reclaimed Indian Distressed Cream and Green Shutter Sideboard Storage Cupboard Media Stand 
from Etsy seller hammerandhandimports

Rustic shutter as a wine rack

Barn Cedar Wine Rack Shutter Rustic 
Etsy seller RchristopherDesigns  

Table? Chair? or Shelves? Why not?

 Road Kill Rescue

 The Ugly Duckling House


Nice way to display your clothings at home, shop or at the fair...


Flower pots exposure in the back garden

La Calle Florida

Gates to the garden, your relaxation site

 Vintageweave Interiors

For more inspiring ideas how rustic shutters might be reused visit my board

Lovely evening to you all!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Window Shopping for Mother's Day

Hello to all! 
It's been a while since I posted...
But now back to circle with lots of ideas and inspirations.

Very soon we all will have a celebration honoring mothers. 
Mostly in all countries it's on the first weekend of May, actually the first May Sunday! I say mostly countries.. in England it has been in March... 
Anyway, I think it is very nice occasion to show love to your mother, bombard attention, spend a day with her! Simply to have a special moments together :) 

Photography: +Ieva Zumienė 

Of course it is not necessary to get loads of presents but it is still nice to give something special, cozy, lovely, cute, sweet... The bouquet of flowers is the nicest gesture along with anything else to make this day (Mother's Day) more special.

I took some time and picked up few gift ideas for this day from Etsy. Take a look in it. Beautiful things. You might like them or simply get an idea and create your own! Why not? Two weeks still left in advance and it's still enough of time do make something extraordinary!

1. Marzipan Body Butter from PurplecatCreatives
2. Rose Bouquet Lamp Shade from AussieSense
3. Lavender Lip Balm from TheGreenAlchemist
4. Decor Kitchen Chalkboard from ShugabeeLane
5. 3 Piece Honey Set from TreefortNaturals
6. Photo Album from PhotoGarnish
7. Crochet Scarf from My2ShayFromOurCorner
8. Pocket Watch Locket Style Necklace from TwilightsCastle
9. Handwritten Plate from phpottery
10. Felted Slippers from AgnesFelt
11. Vinyl Decal Sticker for DIY Projects from HouseHoldWords
12. Edible Pansies for Food Decoration from SugarRobot
13. Knitted Scarf from denizgunes
14. Bangle from delezhen
15. Personalized Handcrafted Chocolate Bars from Fancychocolates

Have a nice time browsing through those pretty spring finds!

Wishing you triple 'S': Sweet Sunny Sunday,

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Life Purpose

The goal is set!

Long-term purpose of our life!

 This is a truly visual statement -  
the real reason why every single person should exist is above! 

Every person has a purpose of the life.
To discover your own purpose is the easiest part.
But to keep it with you and follow each day 
- this is the hardest part!

With the beginning of spring new winds blew in and since when this sign helped to figure out the purpose of our lives.
Have made myself a sign which am going to frame it 
and keep it in front of us!

Visual sign jazz-us-up already!! 
That helps if you need a real inspiration to drive you to
the certain point but you still need THE lunge, try yourself! 
very positive minded & inspired 


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kraft Paper

Hi there!

I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend and a short getaway from all your daily basis?!
Today I would like to share with you the goods which inspires me a lot! I have been admiring for kraft paper and its goods a long while ago. 
Kraft paper is very economical and offers many beneficial properties. Finally I decided to buy it and now have a huge roll of kraft paper sitting in the corner for the purpose of wrapping up all our linen goods and some special pack for making greetings, thanks cards, catch ups, wishing tags, labels and lots of other wonders...

Look what I have discovered on Etsy. Aren't they gorgeous?
Oh, yeah... they are!

Daisy Edged Greeting Cards - Note Card Set of 5 - Paper Laced Kraft - Ready to Decorate - A2 Size 
Daisy Edged Greeting Cards from LittlePeaPodCrafts

100 pcs Damask Print Kraft Paper Price Tags / Gift Tags / Scrapbook / Tags / Gift Wrap / Shower Tags 
Damask Print Price Tags from QueensOfNoiseSupply

Custom Kraft Brown Feather Tags for Labeling Gifts, Wedding Favors, Paper Crafts or Price Tags -  Set of 50 
Custom Feather Tags from ModernTypography

Kraft paper fancy tag labels . die cut tags with ornate edge . 12 ct . scrapbooks . brackets . brown paper . name plate . antique 
Fancy Tag Labels from TodoPapel

Lace Tape Kraft paper eyelet - 1 inch wide water activated tape - 5 yards 
Lace Tape from owlandthistle

Limited Edition Handmade Paper - LAST ONE, Marilyn's Kraft, 4/package 
Limited Edition Handmade Paper from kporiginals 

Miranda II Vintage Luggage Tag Look Wedding Invitation Suite with Twine Tie and Tag - Kraft, Ivory, Tan, Charcoal (colors/text customizable) 
Wedding Invitation from lvandy27 

Custom business cards - recycled kraft paper (set of 48) 
Custom Business Cards from PaperPapelPapier
Korea DIY Kraft Paper Vintage Scrapbook Album Photo Album Sets -Eiffel Tower 
DIY Vintage Scrapbook/Photo Album Set from JolinTsai

It is said that: "People who want to be more natural and creative with their gift wrap may choose to use this paper for wrapping gifts, often embellishing with other natural elements or using markers or stencils to create a unique design."

What would you say? 
What do you use the kraft paper for?

By the way, have you finished all chocolate treats left from Easter holiday yet? We still have some left :)