Sunday, March 10, 2013

Which Fabric is Right for Tablecloths?

To dress the table or not to dress? That is the question today!  
The answer depends on the condition of the table.

The  main function of tablecloth is to cover and protect table from damages. Secondly is to bring a color and shades to kitchen, dining room, terrace and/or other outdoor living space, also to add a style and texture for decoration means.
Tablecloths are manufactured in a variety of fabrics and materials such as cotton, linen, polyester, silk, organza, vinyl and many more. Only the purpose and the occasion determines which material is/should be used to fit your needs. Please note that all materials hold advantages and disadvantages of style, quality, comfort and durability.

I don't think there is any other fabric which adds a special look along with elegance to family dinner party than linen (in this case I'm not talking about formal dinners). As far as you know linen is made from plant of flax. It is very traditional fiber and has the major invaluable feature - durability as long as rich look, cool touch, characterized and crispy texture, lint-free property. Moreover linen comes in many different color shades!
Linen is relatively easy to take care of, since it resists dirt and stains. With a little forethought linen care, linen tablecloths will last the lifetime. What is more important - could be passed from generation to generation and live happily in your home for years to come.
Nowadays linen is affordable luxury to any hostess. This kind of fibre will serve to everyone for ages!

For eveyday use in a kitchen or outdoor place cotton tablecloths are very common. Cotton fabrics keep lower rates because of its easy produce and process elements.
Cotton tablecloths are easy to care, available in a wide range of colors, patterns, casual prints and sizes which also proffer to their popularity. Blending does cause cotton to lose some of its breathability, making the cloth a little stiffer to the touch. Blend of cotton + polyster has a little more wrinkle resistance. Tighter and glossier laminated cottons are hardy to stains. Talking about durabilty option - this options drops down comparing with linen.

Polyester is a chemically made fiber, synthesized material that is used to make fabric and can be combined with other fabrics such as cotton which creates a polyester blend. With polyester is easy to emulate weaves of linen, fassy textures and all of this at the much lower price. Unfortunately here we come to non-eco friendly fabric. Polyester is also available in many colors and patterns as well as durable like cotton. This kind of fabric dyes very well and is less prone to fading than natural fibers. At the same time polyester won't shrink unlikely cotton and of course it is one of the easiest fabrics to care.Polyester is often used for formal affairs likewise wedding receptions, special birthday parties etc. because of glitzier and silkier effect.

Since we come to wedding events silk or organza is widely used for those occasions. Silk and organza are more expensive tablecloths, but they offer a more luxurious appearance and a number of formal style options. These ones are only used on accasions as fabrics require more delicate supervision and washing.



Though there are no strict rules that say you cannot combine different style, textures or fibers! The more important is to be creative and mind yourself needs, requirements, demands...

Always when you buy a tablecloth and think to obtain napkins for full complement think in advance and get two extra napkins in case you need to replace stained ones.

Attend your consideration to coloration which is solid enough, stitches are even enough...

Last but not least bring a new element to your home decor as often as you afford!


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