Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thoughtful Saturday and its findings

What a thoughtful Saturday we just have had! Wonderful!

I know it's slightly too late to write about Saturday which passed as another is nearly here :) Couldn't find a proper time arrangement for this, not good (!) but was very busy in dealing with delivery prices to US and rest of the world that you guys could get your linen goodies over there.
So back to Saturday... The time which we spent was splendid :) We both are very happy because not every weekend could be as good as this one.

Just before weekend started, on Thursday evening we decided to give a go and try our luck at local flea market. We were not very sure is this antique market is/was alive because it is winter. And... suprisingly it was ON! Well it wasn't big this time because of the season, but it was big enough for us :) 

This is The Goodie we found in between thousand and one other ones. It's an old pepper mill dated back to 40-50's. Could have been used for coffee beans grinding also. Now it perfectly works as an exclusive kitchen decoration. 

 Photography: +Mindaugas Zumas 

Another unearthed Beauty is Kodak camera made in France dating around 50's. Treasure :) My husband Mindaugas took it without any thinking and said: "it's mine, taking!". He is a huge fan of digital photography, loves taking photos and is possessed with vintage cameras. 

Photography: +Mindaugas Zumas 

Glad about those two pieces! No doubt! :) 
Nice findings and moreover very beautiful sunny day and a gentle mild breeze enticed us away to St.Tropez. 

 Photography: +Ieva ZumienÄ— 

Who said St.Tropez is dead in winter?? No one is going there because it's winter? Nonsense! 
St.Tropez is lively and beautiful even in winter. Many people come here. At this time of the year you won't meet crowds but you will meet people :) and also you will meet lower prices now! Relaxing, enjoying sun, good food and wine, confectionary and of course a good shot (or double) of espresso. What could be better than a perfect day?

 Photography: +Mindaugas Zumas 

Hope your weekend will be wonderful and sunny as well. It's time for spring to come! :)
Wish you a good last day at job and meet the 1st of February - last month... last...!  

Photography: +Ieva ZumienÄ— 


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