Friday, January 25, 2013

Scents, bees, flowers or simply besoin de printemps

First prophets of spring is all around us, the EpicLinen Team! Lovely feeling! 

This is the time 'besoin de' (like French people say), to refresh home, surroundings, yourself and change everything what bothers you because spring is just around the corner! Actually spring is just here with us! Narcissus are coming up, bees are our over-achievres and are doing their bit in the garden (already!!!)... wonderful scents...
If spring has not arrived yet to your place it's only the question of time. Will be soon!

Have a wee look into what I have captured in the past few days! 

 Photography: +Ieva Zumienė 

 Photography: +Ieva Zumienė 

 Photography: +Ieva Zumienė 

Now this first spring's flower bouquet gladdens my eyes and is wonderful delight on the dinner table during meal times :)


Photography: +Ieva Zumienė 

Feeling a little bit Springy now? Have an idea what will be the first job to refresh your home?
Maybe a flower bouquet?
What gives you that spring feeling? Tell me...:)

Happy weekend, guys!


  1. I just found your inspiring Blog through Common Ground. Can't wait to read more.

    1. Hi there!
      Thanks for good words and visiting and spending time here with us :)
      Hope you will find inspirations again and again after each time...
      Wish you a nice day!