Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tips how to remove stains from linen fabrics

Dear all readers and visitors, I think everyone has faced with stain removal problem from linen fabrics at least once. Stain doesn't look nice and it can spoil the day or worse - special occasion you have been preparing for weeks. 
To avoid unpleasant finding EpicLinen suggests you: better to clean the problematic place as soon as you notice it or just after the party. Immediate stain removal ensures efficiency.
Much more good tips for stain removal and how to take care of linen you can find in our website.Take a look - it is worth reading and storing this infomartion. Actually the best way is - to have it printed out and hung in front of you in laudry. Once you have a problem (awful stain in this case), you don't need to go to look for information on internet again. Personally for me it is very handy and I always know where do I store it.

  • Many stains can be removed by soaking in a non-biological solution overnight.
  • Gin or vodka – these colourless spirits dissolve stains immediately. 
  • Some hair and skin products, such as acne lotions or toothpastes that contain oxidizing agents, may discolor colored sheets and towels. When using such products, it is the safest to sleep on white linens.
  • Coffee, tea and soda stains. Rub stain with a liquid detergent and launder in the hottest water safe for the fabric or soak in a solution of water and non-chlorine powdered bleach.
  • Red wine stain. Cover with salt if stain is fresh, then rinse with cool water. If stain has dried, try club soda.
  • Ink stain. Lay the fabric against a towel, stain side down, then spray the fabric closely from behind with aerosol hair spray. The ink should transfer to the towel. Or use ink eradicator on undyed, untreated linen.
For more information about linen care and how to remove specific stains, like: alcoholic drinks, blood, candle wax, deodorants anti-perspirants, grease spots, oil, grass, rust and much more good tips you may find by following More on Linen.

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