Sunday, December 2, 2012

Smell of Christmas is in the air or other way - small reminder

That is amazing - winter is here! This is a time of the year when little ones and big ones are looking forward for the most fabulous holidays: Christmas and New Year! Everyone is happy, everyone is smiling. It seems that all atosphere is filled with joy, smell of mandarines or clemetines, delicious taste of hot red wine mixed with cinnamon flavour, home baked cakes, ginger mans etc.

The Advent just has begun. Christmas is not only about the stuff but also more important - about your soul and understanding about the birth of Jesus.
Just wanted to remind if someone is still struggling with preparation for Christmas. So have you already managed to prepare and send Christmas greeting cards for those, you love the most, friends, colleges and so on...? If not yet, it is time, otherwise you might be dissapointed of not sending on time. In the chance to prevent this, yesterday we bought beautiful Christmas cards and will do just right away. Hopefully all greeting cards will be delivered on time. You know post offices are overcrowed yet... 

In addition to this, Christmas tree is one of the main symbol of Christmas holiday at home. Is this right? Do you put up Christmas tree every year? Well, we do it every year. Should admit, not yet but very soon will do it because Christmas is in the air!! Don't you feel it?

What about Christmas gifts? Is this job done properly? Only half of it... or... maybe nothing at all? Guys, do not slumber away, get ready for Christmas stocking! The sooner you start searching for Christmas gifts, the sooner you feel relieved. We advice to visit our online boutique, where you can find lovely Christmas presents just in one place. Modestly dare to suggested it as you would save your busy time just by picking up gifts from one boutique

Already feeling Christmas! Canny wait for more snow and joy and all the best what is spinning in the air while everyone is getting ready for the Holiday Festival! Ech... it is time to prepare polishing tables, brushing dusts etc. from the top of the house to the bottom... Let Christmas shine! 
Good night! Wish you a good start in the new week.

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