Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Styling the Food

What comes to your mind once to think about food styling? 
It's hard to tell me but I'm nearly sure your answer would be:
'it's complicated'!

This is not only about putting dish on the plate but also making to look attractive! very attractive!!

 Sea food presentation via Food Stylist and Food Styling Directory

Food styling is combined with collaborative efforts including a photographer, an artist, a food stylist, usually also a proper stylist and their assistants.

All efforts are taken carefully to artfully arrange the food.

 Wonderful photography via

 Sweet tooth via The Little Corner

Visual 'know how' to present is highly required.

 Different ways of how to display different food via
Learn Food Photography and Food Styling

Pay attention to this extra light, extra elegant style
 The gourmet food presentation via The Klein

Be aware of ability to translate the perception of taste and aroma.

Chard Empanadas via Lemon Fire Brigade

 Variety of food display via Food Stylist and Food Styling Directory

If you are inspired as me, you should take some time to visit this wonderful Helene Dujardin Phototgraphy site! I kept drooling since the very first photo through out the last one!

Hope you are already inspired after this visit and have intentions to learn and try to do some incredible things by yourself!

Here is also a small detail regarding upcoming Easter holidays

 Easter eggs via La Tartine Gourmande

Enjoy the rest of the week! 

Blessings, xo



  1. Wonderful dishes and wonderful pictures!!!!

    Marina from Spain

  2. Wonderful information!
    Anjana @

  3. This is a great post. I, too, love taking photos of food. I don't have a good camera but.....someday. :)
    I'm over from Common Ground...and I just linked to follow you. Come see me sometime.

    oops, in case you didn't have the dreaded Word verification ON...just sayin'..:)

    1. Thanks a lot! Yes, someday will be able to take photos as good as those are, fingers crossed :)
      Thanx for telling me about dreaded word verification, does it bother you? I would like to receive the opinion about that.