Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Visual Merchandising Displays


I would like to share with you the best retail window displays which I have found recently.

That is all about visual merchandising.
Inspiring! Very inspiring!

Johnnie Walker “Where Flavour is King”, London

Moschino, London

LV express. , Plaza 66 Shanghai. 

Louis Vuitton, Las Vegas

Selfridges breathing window by Studio Souffle, London

Lace Up Save Lives, Nike

Hackett, London

Barneys, New York

Lord & Taylor

From the blog "Blog of Francesco Mugnai"
There are lots of ideas we can grab and use in our very own stores, online boutiques or just for everyday to clear our minds!
Be inspired!



  1. Totally wonderful retail window displays. When put into a reality, one's imagination and creativity will surely lead to something surprising and victorious. Indeed, people are persuade to shop in visually compelling stores. Just like in a related study, 76% of consumers choose to enter a store they have never visited before based purely from its sign. Retail signs and window displays are definitely just few of the contributing factors in retail business success.

  2. I just love them these are pretty good very innovative ideas, I also do window display supplies