Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Accessory - Linen Scarves

Hello! Hello! Hello!
to Everyone! 

It's been for a while since the last time I have blogged here.

Summer runs non-stop with pretty awesome days!
Don't you agree?
There is no doubt we need to enjoy summer while it is herein.

One of the hottest months of the summer!
Beautiful month!
Harvest time!
...unfortunately last month...

but! Noses up! We keep going forward! :)

Today we have started SALES, which is August SALE and very closely related with summer.

Linen Scarves are on SALE!

We run this SALE at our EpicLinen online boutique
and our Etsy shop!

Photography: +Mindaugas Zumas 
I hardly can imagine summer without these accessories.
I find it difficult not having scarves in my wardrobe. 


  Photography: +Mindaugas Zumas

 Linen scarves help to smarten yourself.
On chilly nights good to wrap yourself into scarf.
On hot days useful to cover from sun heat.
These kind of accessories easily can match to your outfit.

Create new outfits with Linen Scarves!

Photography: +Mindaugas Zumas

Please feel free to share with your friends or people you know
may like it! :)

See you soon!

Ach, that's right, and we moved back to our home country :)
Sending best wishes for all of you from there with those beautiful zinnias from my mother's garden!

Photography: +Ieva Zumienė 

   Happy Friday!
Happy Weekend!


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