Sunday, May 19, 2013

On the Road

Spring & Summer 
The best time for trips, journeys, vacations!
Me inspired by finally good weather!
So why not to Go On the Road? :)

Vintage street sign from wallstantiques

Road trip photography from TerraVision

Unisex map scarf from SongbirdFashion
Vintage map watch from SandMwatch
Duffle bag from Filzkraft

Men's travel kit from LongTallSallys

Olympus Trip35 classic camera from BazaarOfMemories
Vintage Binoculars from Psychedelphia
1950s fancy glasses from BanginBangles

Travel mug from Bovepottery
Nautical map pillow from BelleAdora

Bicycle key ring from BicycleGifts
The Beatles button from OfRoyaltyShop
Road trip journal from CherieBee
Damascus handmade pocket knife from oiseaumetalarts
Brass compass sundial necklace from theangelatmytable

Vintage finds, cute handy goods for weekend trips and/or long whether short vacation journeys!

are moving On the Road to Bella Italia
(to be continued...) :)



  1. I absolutely love that scarf...I am obsessed! I wonder if I could make one myself. Maybe if I found some map fabric?

    1. Hello there!
      It is gorgeous :) that's true! The same reason I couldn't resist not to feature it.
      I think you should be able to find the fabric but need to do a good search... Or you might ask the owner of the scarf from Etsy shop. She might say or might not... depends... But anyway good luck in retrieval! In case you discover somewhere, please post me as well. Would love to know where it is possible to purchase! :)