Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thursday, late afternoon or just the first post in EpicLinen's blog!

Need to start somehow...
First of all would like to welcome everyone, to new and still very fresh EpicLinen's blog! We are very glad if you are reading this post and spending a few minutes with us. 
We are here to share our minds and opinions with you about flax, its products - linen, its features, quality, goods and/or bads... We are willing to discuss about home decor, best ways how to do it or not to do, suggest new fashion trends, present our new products, to come up with new ideas.... willing to hear your opinions very much!

So from the very beginning should say, this is a family run business by young couple Ieva and Mindaugas. This new Project started this year in 2012. The idea to start our own business spinned around for a very long time. We desired to implement concepts which cannot pass by the nose any more and have to be realised at once. The inspiration came once we had visited Provence - South of France. This region is really something (!) that lifts you up and is difficult to describe in words. It is a spot of beauty - full of blue skies, sunshine, vineyards, olive tree groves, natural scents, fields of lavender, rose, orange and lemon blossoms. There are tons of diverse cheeses, the smell of homemade bread, an atmosphere which enhances the feeling of real value, a feeling that is genuine, not made-up, the feeling... Although, at that moment we did not realise all this would make big changes in our lives, “this“ (I mean the Project) is the beginning of new journey in creating ours and EpicLinen‘s worlds.
We are inspired by simple designs, disengagement, invaluable beauty and originality! We adore vintage and rustic country charm, products that fulfil a function, are comfortable and well made. These are the principals that will stand the test of time. And so... we have started our new journey. 

We aim to help you to make your home cozy with linen products. As mostly of us already know, linen is the real natural product, is anti-static, anti-allergic to everyone, especially long lasting item (could last for ages and be a heritage for your grandchildren). Eco-friendly also (!), cannot forget this. All of us need to pay more attention to environment around us, to save it and to keep it neat as much as we can in as many ways as possible.

Just be friendly to yourself and your surounding area! 

So that's a small introduction about the EpicLinen team. Me thinks it's enough as for the first time and first post ever in the blog... Thanks again for coming up here! Hopefully all of us will find something interesting, inspiring or maybe even charming here :)

Have a nice evening! 

p.s. Winter season is nearly here. Have a nice weekend spending a good time with your family! 

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